How to Wear Brogues #ShoeTREND ALERT

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Girls we need to learn how to wear brogues. This particular footwear probably isn’t as popular in our world today. A lot of people are still wondering how and why this footwear complements a style. Because it’s not popular doesn’t mean it’s not fashionable.Well,that’s why we are here. To keep you updated on new trends be it clothes,shoes,make up or accessories.Our aim is to be YOUR fashion.Once upon a time,this footwear was solely for men, but one beautiful thing about the modernization process is that, it carries everybody along. Both male,female,young or old. There is something new and creative for you.


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Brogues…if you walk up to a students or amongst young people,they will call it ‘the boyfriend shoe’. why? Its kinda manly,but the females have got a lot of swags to ginger with this footwear.

Brogues differentiates you from the usual flats,sandals or heels. You can absolutely wear your skirt and top and match it up with a low-heeled brogue.
Jean or a casual simple gown is perfect for brogues close it up with a sling bag. You look relaxed,you feel relaxed and you comfortable. Brogues comes in different shades and different design. Some are flat,you feel like you’re walking on air giving you ease and comfort. Some are low heeled which is good for you 3/4 or rolled up jean.
And some come high-heeled. Yea! They come high too,which you can readily wear on a pant suit for a corporate function. So,for your casual or corporate event,you can choose to wear something entirely different from the norm. Take a break from the flats and heels…try something NEW

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