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Hello World

Relationship comes with a lot of issues especially when both ends gets angry easily. In the case of this couple, the hubby is highly temperamental while the wife is a calm and easygoing person. Akin scolds Tola about all issues such as she doesn’t wake up early, she talks too much, her makeup is too much. Despite all these odds, Tola stood firm and still adores Akin, dated him for 3years and they got married. Tola thought Akin would changed after the wedding but things became worse that Akin slaps her at any slight opportunity. Akin does not womanize nor keep irresponsible friends but his only issue was nagging. When they had their third child and Akin witnessed the birth in the labor, everything turned around. He begged Tola for everything he had done and promised never to do it again. Since then, Akin has changed and adores Tola. No relationship is perfect, one just needs to be prayerful.

Dear amaka, 

  Its my fiance and I. I am aware that every relationship has its own problems, and this ends in arguments  sometimes. But in our relationship its quite intense. We dont have obvious problems like cheating and family issues but we are arguing all the time. We could be great in one minute and throwing stuff at each other in the next second.  We are two proud people.  He hardly accepts his fault same goes for me. Once, it got really intense we had to invite his mum. She thought we should spend some time apart and although we both knew that was actually the best rational idea, we couldn’t.  We couldn’t go more than a day without seeing or talking to each other so we just squashed it that minute  and made up. But the fights haven’t stopped. And we both know we are stressing and messing each other up yet we cant help it and at the same time we cant let go of each other.  Please help us. Im afraid ill push him away entirely in the long run.
Dear Worried Babe,
There’s no perfect relationship but your relationship doesn’t seem normal and you both don’t seem compatible. If you wish to continue with him, I would advice that you both work well on yourselves first especially in the aspect of the pride that you claim you both have because in the long run as the proverb says “Pride goeth before a fall”. Therefore, the fact that you sent in this mail says you are willing to find a solution to your problem, you have to find out if your fiance is also ready, simply tell him calmly and gently to accept his faults sometimes as you have resolved to accept yours. In all I wish you well.
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