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The subject of watching p0**N whether you are in a relationship or not has raised a lot of unwanted question and reactions. Notwithstanding the p0**N stars still make quite a lot of money because no matter how much we say “ewwww” there are quite a lot of people who watch p0**N.

I was having a discussion with a friend and she told me about her first introduction to p0**N, it all happened when she was in secondary school, she stumbled upon it in her parents room and that’s how she saw p0**N for the first time. This conversation got me thinking, I’ve seen several movies and I’ve heard several people talk about p0**N destroying their relationships or marriages but what about those who watch p0**N with their partners?


Hello World

This got me curious and I decided to ask several people around me to get their perspective on what they think about p0**N and watching this awkward film with their partners and how it has affected their relationship in general. For anonymity purpose’s am going to label their replies with pseudonyms.

When we asked Fatima;

“I’ve been dating my partner for over a year now, although I can’t precisely tell you when I started watching p0**N with him but I know I was the one that made the suggestion, I had seen a p0**N movie on my own and I loved it and I urged him to watch with me. In my previous relationships, I’ve discussed watching p0**N but never got into it which is different now, I would say watching p0**N with your partner is exciting because you get to discuss what you like and what you don’t like, am not a jealous person so I don’t get jealous because my partner watches p0**N . Watching p0**N together has really improved our $3x life, I am experiencing my partner in a whole new way and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”

And Precious Says;

I and my partner have been dating for 5 months now and I suggested watching p0**N together right from the beginning because I watch it on my own time, so I figured what harm would it be to watch it together. My previous partners and I have watched p0**N together, I love it because you get to know what the other person likes $3xually and I’ve also found that it triggers a lot of interesting conversations. My partner isn’t into p0**N like I am and he told me I was the first partner he has ever watched p0**N with. I love the fact that we get to try different technique’s and positions and we can talk about anything now without the fear of being embarrassed or judged. I used to be afraid of watching p0**N with a partner because I was afraid that they would judge me, but so far that has never happened. You ask me what I’ve learnt, I know it has made my bond with my partner stronger than ever so Yes I am all for watching p0**N with your partner.

Tinuke’s Take On The Subject;

I’ve been dating my partner for 2 year now and yes we watch p0**N together but it didn’t start until eight months into the relationship. I’ve always been comfortable watching it on my own and then trying to figure out how to get my partner to try a technique with me but soon I found the courage to tell him about it and he didn’t oppose. I found he didn’t really like it as much as I, surprise! We’ve never finished the video because we get distracted with ourselves (she laughs). Anyways, watching p0**N with my partner forced us to open up and now we have a bond that is so strong and the perks is we get to explore each others kinks so it works out just fine.

Mimi’s Awkward Take;

I’ve been married for 5 years now with two kids and to be candid p0**N probably saved my marriage. I used to be very active with my partner until our second child. Somewhere along the line I got very tired and could not be bothered with s3* anymore. You know taking care of little kids and working can take its toll. My husband suggested p0**N, I had never even seen one before. He didn’t ask me to watch it with him though, He told me to watch it on my own and see if I liked it. Truthfully I didn’t but I just played along and somehow playing along became real because when we watched it together I could tell my husband wanted us to try some of the techniques we saw. Now we watch it together once in a while but that first attempt revived our s3* life.

We decided to take it a step further by asking our followers on Instagram and Facebook

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and here’s their reply;





Different strokes for different folks, Now since this is a survey to figure out how p0**N affects relationship we are throwing the question out there. What do you think of watching p0**N with your partner? Share your unadulterated views and opinions with us in the comment section below.

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