Ways To Know When Your Partner Is Cheating

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Last week we had a reader asking for advice about whether or not to Its a painful thing to catch a cheater red handed but you have to wonder did you see some signs and choose to ignore them?

Now thinking about your man or woman cheating is a really painful thought but many times we see signs  and signals and we are not interpret whether its signs that he/she is cheating or not. Here are some emotional sign to show that he/she is having an affair.



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1. Your partner is more attentive to you than usual. This can be due to guilty feelings at the early stage of the affair subsequently this attention will diminish if the affair continues

2. Your partner begins to buy you a lot of gifts. This gifts are guilt gifts purchased because because of the guilt felt from betraying your trust so showering you with gifts makes him/she feel better.

3. Now this is one of the easiest sign, your partner starts to pick fights with you, doing this gives your partner a reason for getting mad an storming out of the house which is an opportunity for your partner to go meet up with his/her lover leaving you with mixed emotions.

4. Your partner who is upbeat and excited when leaving you comes back and  becomes moody somber and depressed around you. This happens if your partner is in a long term affair, he/she is trying to keep both relationships running smoothly so any problem he/she has in one relationship would spill into the other one as this is an unavoidable situation.

5. Your partner becomes cold, inconsiderate towards your feeling and intolerable when with you.

6. Your partners taste in music changes suddenly as he/she starts growing fond of a different genre of music which he or she never cared for before.

7.  Your partner lacks self esteem although this doesn’t necessarily mean he/she is cheating but if an insecure individuals needs are not being met he/she would look to others for guidance and if its a positive feed back this can kick off an affair.

8. Your partner criticizes things in you that he/she once found fascinating and interesting and then your partner always gets offended at comments however innocent or harmless you make them.

9. Your partners  begins to close doors when you are around when usually he/she leaves it open. For example closing the bathroom door when in long term relationships is a norm for a lot of couples so if its a norm and your partner begins to shot the door then that’s a sign that your partner may be having an affair because as affairs develop the need for secrecy arises, hence closing of doors, distancing themselves psychologically from their partners.

10. Your partner is guilty when you do something nice for him or her when you are are supposed to be the one making life and the relationship a misery for your partner. By giving gifts and being calm you force your cheating partner to think about what he/she is doing.

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