Ways to Apply EyeShadow You Didn’t Think Of

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Unless you are using just one eyeshadow color applying eyeshadow needs proper attention especially if there are wrinkles around the eyes and eyelid, but the application of eyeshadow doesn’t have to be complicated. When applying eyeshadow (two colors) there is need to have two brushes for a trim look.

How to go about the application



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The preparation for eyeshadow application is well structured and preceded by the use of primer for the eyes for a smooth texture, matte-finish concealer, concealer, loose powder and foundation. all of this ensures an even application and it would also neutralize any coloration around the eyelid.




Before the application of the eyeshadow its best to tap off any excess eyeshadow from your bush this ensures minimal flaking.

Products You can use:




Loose powder

Mini Brush Set

Nude Mattes Eyeshadow Palette

MegaLength Lash-Extending Mascara


The basics of any eyeshadow style is to shape and then shade in a progressive mix of light to dark colors always keep in mind that light colors  will highlight shallow areas and  dark colors will recede prominent areas. Another thing to note is to load your brushes with small amount of color since its hard to remove from the brushes.




1. prepare your eye area with primer, foundation or concealer and a set with a dusting of powder.

2. Using  large eyeshadow brush apply the lighter color to the base of the lashes and blend all the way to the brow.

3. Use a crease defining brush to apply the second shade blending up and out toward the outer corner of the eye where the brow bone begins, for a two step eyeshadow application you can stop at two applications by blending out in a soft circular motion along the outer crease.

4. For a third application, the shadow takes on a darker shade which would be shaded outside the corner of the eye with a crease brush. make sure the darker shade is towards the back corner of the eye or on the eyelid.

5. when applying the darker shade on the eye crease be sure to blend out slightly up rather than following the downward curve of the eye.

If you want the colors of your eyes to pop then use contrasting colors in soft tones.






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