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Hey everyone,

I hope your day is going great? Perfumes are a girl’s best friend and We all love to smell really good. Quality perfumes are really expensive and we definitely don’t want a scenario where we spend a lot on the perfumes and it gets to loose its purpose.There are certain substances in the perfumes that make it to loose the scent over time but most of us don’t really know this and that’s why I am here to discuss ways you can preserve your perfumes to make them last longer. Here are are of preserving your perfumes to last longer.


Stored in a refrigerator

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  • Don’t expose to heat: Most perfumes loose their scent and quality when exposed to heat and we don’t want that to happen. Keep your perfumes in a place that is free from excessive heat because it could destroy certain chemicals/ alcohol present in the perfume that would make the scent stale overtime.
  • Store in refrigerator: Excessive heat can be solved by storing the perfume in the refrigerator. You should note that just as too much heat can destroy a perfume, too much cold would also destroy the scent of a good perfume. If your refrigerator gets too cold easily, put it on the door of the refrigerator to be on a safe side.
  • Don’t shake perfume bottles: people believe that shaking the perfume would allow the ingredients mix all together and make it very effective, the opposite is the case. Don’t shake perfume bottles,it makes the effectiveness reduce overtime.
  • Store in comfortable shelves: I know many of us like to show off our expensive perfume bottles to our friends, but what we should know is keeping the perfume very safe is all that matters. Many of the manufacturers create this perfume bottles as works of art and tend to create fragile bottles. Keep your bottles in a very safe shelf where it would be easy to access.
  • Keep perfumes from direct light: Excessive light just like heat can destroy a good perfume and that is why most of us prefer perfumes packaged in dark or opaque bottles because that would not allow light to destroy its scent. For perfumes that are lighter, store in dark places to be safe.

Don’t spend a lot on perfumes and let them become stale. I hope you’ve learned how to preserve your perfume efficiently.

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Have a great day. xoxo Thonia

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