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Having an all in one, multi purpose produce is a dream, but is it really? Well we do have a multi-purpose produce and that’s the coconut. The coconut can be broken down and used for a number of things , however this post is about one of the multiple things coconut can be broken down into which is ‘OIL’.

We’ve all heard about the coconut oil, we see it in the shops, stores, on the streets, we see hawkers with it and we know its a perfect body and hair moisturizer, its also what is used for oil pulling (swishing the oil around your mouth as a form of oral detoxification) and of cause cooking (yes health fam, coconut oil is best for those who are watching their weight and avoiding cholesterol caused mainly by the use of oil). The question now is how can we make our own virgin homemade coconut oil?


Hello World

Making your own virgin homemade coconut oil might not seem easy but it is in fact doable all you’ll need is the following;

  • 3 medium mature coconuts
  • Blunt object eg a hammer for breaking the coconuts
  • Blender/Grater
  • Knife
  • Lukewarm to warm water
  • Sieve with a fine mesh
  • Chiffon/Cheese cloth
  • Plastic bowls
  • A refrigerator

Side Note: Some coconut meat are not mature, however a mature coconut meat would be dry and the outer skin layer which you would see after breaking the shell would be dark brown. Blenders with 500w can grind coconut meats.

Watch Allnigerianrecipe teach us the ways we virgin homemade coconut oil;

Source: Youtube Channel Allnigerianrecipe

Would you try this at home? Lets know in the comment section below.

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