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Ever heard of the vixen installation? Am sure you must have come across pictures that show a black woman with weaves who is able to create different style with her hair and am sure you must have wondered how she is able to achieve this feat. Its simple; She has on the vixen installation. Many have argued that the vixen installation is not a protective style blah blah blah, hair destruction comes if you don’t take care of your hair or if your weave was pulled too tight, the same happens with braids, when they are pulled too tight they pull out your hair.


Hello World

Many naturals have figured they can also get on the vixen train , since production of textured hair has become increasingly popular, you can now get kinky textured human hair, so rather than always battling with styling your natural hair every single morning you can get a natural hair textured kinky weave and protect your hair with the vixen installation.

The vixen installation is not really popular in this part, only a few hair salons understand what the vixen hairstyle is about, many have no inclining whatsoever about the vixen hairstyle; so if you are interested in having the vixen sew-in you can get your favorite hairstylist to watch this vixen installation video from YouTube channel HairbyLin

Source: HairbyLin

This installation is easy to wash and it helps you create versatile looks.

What do you think of the vixen installation? Love or Hate share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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