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The Urhobo ethnic group of Delta State is one of the five ethnic groups found in the state. Located at the central part of the state with over 100 communities scattered across that zone, most of their folklore says that they are a people whom their ancestors had migrated from Edo State at various times; and further migrated to the various communities, which had formed part of Delta State.

Being descendants of the same ancestors, most of their customs and traditions are similar and in certain areas the same such as the breaking of the kola-nut and the donation of cash to wedge the kola-nut presentation, prayers and blessing pronounced before the sharing of the kola and drinks, payment of bride prize, burial rite e.t.c.

Of all the customs and traditions, the Urhobo traditional marriage rite is one unique one; generally because of the uniformity as to how the process of taking a wife from that area is carried out. For their traditional wedding, the bride and groom use one of the most beautiful colour combination, most of which matched together perfectly and others which would probably leave you speechless.

So in case your an Urhobo woman planning your traditional wedding or you are marring an Urhobo man, then this post might just be what you need.

We’ve researched some beautiful Urhobo traditional bridal looks to help with inspiration…scroll down to see


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