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Hey Divas,

In the past Ankara is just used to make styles without considering the pattern on it, today, there is more to Ankara fabric than the styles you create with it. Ultimately the styles are the goal but more emphasis is being placed on the patterns on the fabric in order to bring out a style that looks more coordinated than before.

With the attention that is now given to Ankara fabric, the pattern on it is embellished and designed to give a more appealing look. We can easily just say trending styles these days are about the pattern on it.

Trending Ankara prints are the popular ones we see all around but with more details been added to the style, it makes yours more gorgeous and nicer than that of everyone else

Horse pattern

This popular print also comes in various designs. It has the picture of a horse with its hoof raised, this pattern is very lovely and nice, with its different colours, it always justifies whichever style it is used to make.


Hello World



Disc pattern

This pattern is quite popular as well; it has a circular pattern in form of a disc. All that is needed is to set this pattern in place and you will have a lovely design. This pattern is lovely and makes embellishment easier.





Peacock pattern

Just imagine a live peacock, imagine its lovely feathers; how colourful and artistic they look. Well the Ankara peacock prints look artistic and show that each detail on it is given attention. This lovely and colourful print is gorgeous particularly when the designer pays proper attention to the pattern in order to create a more coordinated outfit.




Star pattern

This pattern has a splash of star shape spread all over it in different sizes, this print is quite popular and it is used for different styles and sometimes the same pattern but of different colours, it can aso be mismatched and the result is always ‘wow’.





This is the era where your prints greatly influence the style that is ‘carved’ from it. This trending Ankara prints will leave you speechless when made, with enough attention given to the print, the style can’t be wrong.

If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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