Trend Alert : How To Tie Your Multi-Colored Gele

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Big trend alert ohh. All my fellow party goers. Have you noticed that nowadays girls wear the multicolored head tie popularly known as Gele hehe. We decided to speak to some girls over the weekend and they said they are absolutely killing it. Apparently the trend started around September last year and has now completely taken over the “Gele Industry” Hehe.

In most cases the multicolored gele comes in 2-3 colors though we have in some cases see 4 color. The blend of the colors are often 2 primary colors such as wine and blue, yellow and lemon green, black and orange, blue and pink and several others.

See below some of the adorable multi colored Gele we took, I personally love the orange and black one. You ?


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Nigerian-wedding-multicolored-tone-gele-aso-ebi-aimakhu-toyin Nigerian-wedding-multicolored-tone-gele-aso-ebi-cy4luv212 Nigerian-wedding-multicolored-tone-gele-aso-ebi-delonyii Nigerian-wedding-multicolored-tone-gele-aso-ebi-ola-ere-photography Nigerian-wedding-multicolored-tone-gele-aso-ebi-ola-ere-photography-3 Nigerian-wedding-multicolored-tone-gele-aso-ebi-openaphy Nigerian-wedding-multicolored-tone-gele-aso-ebi-opsydaisy Nigerian-wedding-multicolored-tone-gele-aso-ebi-oyinswanky Nigerian-wedding-multicolored-tone-gele-aso-ebi-prititolu

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