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Hi Damsels!

Often time, we ladies try to see that our nails look beautiful and glamorous. Our nails are at the top of our list when preparing for some event or party, but how much do you know about nails? What can we really say about our nails?



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Here are the top eight nail fun facts you never knew;

1. Toenails:

Your toenails are almost twice as thick as your fingernails. Therefore, you find it harder to cut your toenails than your fingernails.

2. Fingernails:

Your fingernails grow about three to four times quicker than the toe nails. That is why you find yourself cutting your fingernails more often than you cut your toenails.

3. Thumb nail:

Of all the nails on your fingers, the thumb nail grows at the slowest pace.

4. Middle finger:

In a month, on an average, your fingernails grow about one tenth of an inch and the nail on your middle finger grows the fastest.

5. Climate changes:

Nails grow faster in warm climates than in cold ones. Hence, you tend to cut your nails more frequently during summer.

6. Cutting nails:

If you cut your nails regularly, then they will grow faster.

7. Dominant nail growth:

Nails grow faster on the hand which is dominant. For instance, if you are left-handed, then the nails on your left hand will grow faster than the ones on the right hand

8. Nail component:

The main component of your nails is same as that of your hair, a type of protein called keratin

Now you know some nail fun facts. I trust you need not worry about whatever change that occurs henceforth!

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