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Hi Damsels!

If you are one of those workaholics or you know one, then I guess you are in the right place; you have to take a few minutes to reconsider your priorities. It is very true that your career is very important, but your family, personal desires, friends and goals are important too.

Consider the fact that you’ve only got one very short life; spending the bulk of your time at your job means missing out on some of the best memories. Your lifestyle becomes too monotonous. You have to break free from this.



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Here are the top six ways workaholics can chill out and work less;

1.Restriction of working hours:

Working eleven to twelve hours daily is bad for you thus, cut down your shifts to a normal or slightly above normal average. Besides, stop being the first person to get to work and the last one to leave.

2.Getting a hobby:

Figure out something to do when you get home, so as not just to be working, eating, and sleeping. Also find an outside interest such cycling, art, gardening and many more. Find other people who enjoy the same passion and hang out with them too.

3.Talking to a therapist:

It’s recommended you sort out your frustrations, stress, thoughts, and feelings with a professional; this will bring you closer to work-life balance, little by little.

4.Avoid stretching yourself too thin while on the job:

It’s entirely possible to overwork while you are at work. Therefore, stop overbooking meetings and conference calls.

5.Taking your lunch break daily:

Always preserve a half hour for food and stay away from email during that time slot. You deserve breakfast, dinner, and lunch.

6.Limiting your perfectionism:

Sure! Your output should be awesome, but flawless twenty-four hours a day? Not feasible. You are human. Work on your tendencies to be perfect at all times. It takes too long to be perfect, and no one cares.


Workaholics! Have it in mind that you’ve got just one life to live so, key into these tips!

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