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A notable quality of a good waterproof mascara is that it sticks around thereby, resisting smudges and flakes, no matter how much time you spend in sweaty workouts or pools. A lot of women would consider waterproof mascara an essential in their beauty arsenals, but some products don’t deliver on their claims.
A great waterproof mascara helps curl stubbornly straight lashes and hold your curl better. You can even wear waterproof mascara on your lower lashes without fear of smudges if you have naturally oily lids. Ideally, one should go for the best. Here are top six waterproof mascaras for your charming lashes;

1. Too Faced’s beloved Better Than Sex mascara: This mascara now has its waterproof version. Implicit in this is that you can use it for a whole year. It’s indeed a nice product.



Toofaced glamour

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2. High Impact Waterproof Mascara: This wonderful product from Clinique is a glamorous one. It’s also a lady’s favourite and ensures large lashes with no smudging.

Mas2 Clinique-High-Impact-Waterproof-Mascara_Glamour_27July15_b_426x639


3. Phenomen’Eyes Renewal Waterproof: I’d suggest you give this Givenchy waterproof a whirl if you feel like trying something different. It’s just complete with its iconic tiny wand.


Mas3 Givenchy-Waterproof-Mascara_Glamour_27July15_b_426x639


4. Lash Genius: Try out this literally genius lash product if you don’t really feel like shopping around for a costly waterproof mascara. It matches your lashes perfectly well and stays longer than you can ever imagine.

Mas4 Lash-Genius-Mascara_Glamour_27July15_b_426x639


 5. Volume Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara: This is one affordable waterproof option, that you should also go for. It is one of your best bets. The  L’oreal mascara really gives you a million lashes when you add much of it on your charming lashes.

Mas5 LOreal-Volume-Million-Lashes-Waterproof-Mascara_Glamour_27July15_b_426x639


6. Laura Mercier Waterproof mascara: This Laura mercier waterproof mascara is one of the waterproof mascaras on the list of every reviewers’ new favourite. It strongly sticks to your lashes.

Mas6 Laura-Mercier-Waterproof-Mascara_Glamour_27July15_b_426x639


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