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Yes! It’s another beautiful weekend. A lot of us must have waited patiently for this day to come, especially when you know you’ve got loads of house chores. Some of us would lazy around today, simply because there’s lack of motivation, not that we don’t know what to do. Well, it’s just a thing of the mind.

Professional cleaners have a way of making cleaning easy for them; they have the tools, talent and the know-how to achieve speed-cleaning and home organization.

Cleaning kit

Cleaning kit

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Here are the top six pro secrets to speed-cleaning and home organization;

1.Dress for success: To achieve professionalism in your cleaning, you ought to dress in comfortable, washable clothing designed for work. Wear supportive shoes and knee pads to spare your body. Gloves also protect against chemicals. Simply create a cleaning uniform that includes shoes, gloves and eye protection.

2.Get a motivator: Using motivators to prevent distraction and head off boredom works a lot here. Try playing your favourite upbeat music. Also listen to a book on tape so as to feel as though you are accomplishing two tasks at once.

 3.Invest in proper tools: It’s not in the habit of professional cleaners to use gadgets. You’ll never find them toting specialized one-time-use tools. In your best interest, buy good tools because using them would make you finish fast.

4.Pick up dirt before cleaning: You are meant to clean everywhere completely. You can’t do the job if each horizontal surface in the home is covered with papers, toys, dirty dishes and just plain clutter. Just pretend that you hired a high-priced cleaning crew and pick up before you clean.

 5.Minimize your movements: As a professional cleaner, you don’t circle a room more than once. Take your place before the bathroom sink, spray and wipe the mirror, scrub the sink and polish fixtures before you move one inch to the right or left.
 6.Two hands are better than one: A pro doesn’t work as if one arm is in a sling. Cultivate the habit of using both hands to attack cleaning tasks.Spray a mirror with one hand; wipe it down with the other. Scrub counters with two sponges or cleaning cloths.
You’ll just be as fast as can be with these top pro secrets!

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