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Knowing full well that you have at least five to six lipsticks rolling around in the bottom of your  bag, you’ll definitely want to ensure that they serve their different purposes and last longer too. On this note, you need to know exactly how to use them so as to get the most out of your favourite lipstick shades. You simply have to follow some lipstick hacks this time. Here are the top six genius lipstick hacks every lady should know;

1.Use of favourite pink lipstick as a cheek colour: 

You can use your favourite pink lipstick on your cheek as an alternative to blush. Just be sure to blend it in with your finger like you would any cream blush.

Lipstick on cheek

Hello World

2.Finding the best red for your skin type:

 Do this by following these tips; go with a blue-based red if you are fair, if you are olive, opt for an orange-y red, and if your skin is darker, go for a burgundy red.

Best red

3.Perfecting your Cupid’s bow by drawing an “X”  on the center of your upper lip:

Do this by fully lining and filling in the rest of your lips to give your matching lipstick something to grip on to. That way, when it starts to wear off, it will do so evenly, and you won’t have that tell-tale ring of lip liner around your mouth.

4.Use of concealer brush to achieve an opaque, precise application: 

If your lips have a lot of pink or red tones in them, pat concealer over them before you apply any lipstick to nude them out. This helps ensure that your lip colour will look exactly how it does in the packaging on your lips; otherwise, the pink or red tones will alter how the colour appears when you apply it.

Concealer pencil or brush

5.Turning any lipstick into a long-wearing version with translucent powder:
To achieve this, first swipe on your lip colour, hold a tissue over your mouth, and then dust translucent powder over it. A small amount of the powder will transfer onto the tissue this way, locking in your color.

Long wear

You shouldn’t waste time in trying out these lipstick hacks, especially this weekend that you probably have all the time to yourself!

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