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Hi Cuties!

Have you ever imagined shopping for a very beautiful dress which later becomes yours and in less than three to four months you find very annoying pilling on the dress? Honestly, it’s actually very disgusting.

Having a pilling or lint stick to your clothing can ruin an otherwise perfectly dashing outfit, but you can learn how to get rid of this fuzzy problem as it’s never late to try something new in life. You can fix this problem with few steps. The following are the top five ways to fix pilling on clothes;

1. Use of Clean Shaving Razor to Shave off Pills:

Applying this method is effective for lint that is stuck deep into the fabric. Simply take a shaving razor, and place it near the top of the garment. Then gently drag the razor down the fabric a few inches. Lift it off and tap off any excess lint.


Shaving razor

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2. Rubbing a Pumice Stone against Sweaters and Fleece:

The pumice stone or sweater stone is also used to remove pilling. Ensure that you are going with the weave of the fabric, and not against it. You can also try not to rub too hard, or go over the same area too much. The pumice stone will take off the top layer of the fabric. If you keep going over the same spot, you may get a hole.


Pumice stone

3. Using a Strip of Tape:

Using a wide tape, cut a piece that is a few inches long, place the tape, sticky-side-down, onto the affected area. Ensure that the tape is going in the same direction as the weave of the fabric. Then rub your finger across the tape to smooth it down and pull off.


Strip of tape

4. Using Velcro to Rub Lint away:

Get some Velcro and cut a piece that is about the width of your hand. Then find the rough side with the hooks and set aside the soft, fuzzy side. Rub the Velcro downward against the garment and pick off lint using some tape or a lint roller.



5. Using a damp Sponge or Scouring Pad to buff away lint:

Wet a sponge or scouring pad with water, and squeeze it to get rid of the excess moisture. Make sure you gently rub the rough side of the sponge or scouring pad against the fabric, using a downward motion.


Damp Sponge


Apply these methods and see the pilling on your clothes become history!

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