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Hi Cuties!

There are lots of information as regards fashion, and what makes certain trends so appealing. You also get to know which items or colours that are best to wear, and which pieces make the biggest impact. You equally extend this to your skin and nails, just to ensure that you remain trendy, stylish, attractive and beautiful always.

As a lady, there are vital items that make you absolutely cute such that you need not waste all the time in the world thinking of what to wear or apply. To make it easier, here are top five items that will make you instantly more attractive;

1. The Little Black Dress:
When it comes to colours, black is the number-one colour associated with characteristics such as confidence, sexiness and intelligence. Try and get yours if you have non.


Little black dress

Hello World

2. Shoulder-bearing Styles:
Research has it that men were highly attracted to women’s shoulders and arms. You get to show a little bit of skin to attract a man.


Shoulder-bearing Style

3. Heels:
Not only has heel height been found to be directly proportional to a woman’s attractiveness to men, but men were increasingly likely to exhibit helpful behavior and to spontaneously approach a woman the higher her heels were. SO, invest in heels.



4. Something Red:

Red is the colour of passion, love and romance; it’s a favourite of men for women and of women for themselves.


Red dress

5. Lipstick:
Trust me, nothing provides the instant pick-me-up quite like a swipe of your signature shade. Apparently others will respond to it, too. There’s always lipstick even on a bad day so, red lipstick makes a way for you.


Red lipstick

These items will always bring out the best in you, any day and time. Make them your companion so as to make you more attractive!

If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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