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Hi Soon-to-be Mums!

That moment you’ve been waiting for is here; a moment where you get to joyously show your baby to his or her home for the first time. You hope to get very intimate with your precious little one at home this time. At last! You are free from those nurses and doctors thus you need to enjoy your privacy now. Well, it’s quite a great moment, but having this great moment without proper preparation for it is not ideal. Mum! It’s your baby’s first night we are dealing with here; your baby needs all the comfort in the world on this day. You’d find you and your baby sleeping like angels on this great night. Therefore, why not get set for this night by putting together, the necessary things your precious ones needs for the night? Here are the top five essentials for your baby’s first night at home;.

1. A Comfy Bouncer:

It is preferable to get a comfy bouncer if you are going to be home alone with your baby. Besides, you may have to grab a drink of water, run to the bathroom, take a shower, or attend to any other basic need thus, an awesome bouncer is a must.


Comfy bouncer

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2. Good Old-Fashioned Onesies:

Keeping your baby and yourself comfortable is what the first week is all about, and until those visitors start rolling in, the only attire he or she really needs are soft cotton onesies. Stock them up in baby’s wardrobe.



3. Swaddle Blankets:

Your own mum may try to convince you that swaddling’s just a trend, but it has become an essential skill for new parents to learn for good reason. Whether your baby is mostly at peace when tightly wrapped or simply likes the comfort of being covered, every mum needs a stash of muslin swaddle blankets.


Swaddle blankets

4. A Suitable Place to Sleep:

If the crib you spent weeks picking out is still on back order, don’t panic. Your baby will likely be perfectly content in a Moses basket or bassinet for those first nights, weeks, and even months. In all, ensure that baby gets a nice place to sleep.


Sleeping place


Glider rocker

Ensure that all these are available on your precious baby’s first night at home. Your baby will have the most comfy night ever!

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