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Hi Soon-to-be Mums!

There’s the popular saying that; “What you loose in height, you gain in weight”. Well, the news of being pregnant brings great joy to a couple, but carrying that baby in the womb for nine good months is no joke at all.

Sure! You are tired. You are nauseous. You’ve got pimples on your back and a weird purple line running down your stomach, but it’s not all bad. There are still good things you’ll enjoy at this stage.

Being pregnant

Being pregnant

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Here are the top five amazing benefits of being pregnant;

1. Your  Hair:

The same hormones that cause havoc on your complexion and emotions do have one very positive upside; they cause your hair and nails to grow faster and stronger, leading to locks that are nothing short of flip-worthy.

2. Food:

There’s a scientific reason for every craze for food at pregnancy. Research has it that in the first trimester, you are more likely get turned off by bitter or acidic flavour like coffee that could harm the foetus. On the other hand, other foods ranging from potato chips down to fruits might actually taste better in later trimesters, indicating a need to bring more varied nutrients to the maturing baby.

3. Your Dreams:

Science has proven that pregnant women dream more vividly and remember their dreams more often than their non-pregnant counterparts, reason being that fetal movements or constantly having to pee causes you to wake frequently, leading you to remember each and every dream throughout the night.

4. $3x:

At this time, you are the size of a whale and unable to touch your own knees, but plenty of women actually find pregnancy to be the best time to slip between the sheets. Thanks to testosterone surges that can boost your $3x drive and help you feel more alluring.

5. Public Transport:

This is very common; nobody offers their seat to the harried woman in stilettos. Most persons offer their seats to the pregnant lady with the swollen ankles.


Do you feel enticed knowing that very lovely things happen to the pregnant woman? Well, that’s simply how nature has done it. These are indeed awesome benefits of being pregnant!

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