Tips to follow before you braids your hair!

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We love braids because of the simplicity and that it gives us so many options on how to rock them! But it also has it’s disadvantages. We don’t want to talk about that, just want to tell you the things to take note of before deciding to make braids.
1. Analyze your hair.

Is your hair healthy enough? Putting braids on your hair means there’s going to be strain on your hair. If your hair is too weak, it could lead to a lot of breakage and that’s not the point of putting a protective hairstyle on. So, ensure that your hair is healthy enough.

2. Check the quality of hair you would be using.

You have a lot of options to choose from. There’s human hair, which looks the most natural but can be very expensive. There’s also synthetic hair, which is a better choice financially but can look a little fake if you don’t watch out for quality! Yes there are various quality of synthetic hair. Personally,I recommend Kanekalon hair, so you might want to check that out. Make sure you take a good look at whichever hair you choose in person, but if you’re purchasing your hair online, check out the return policy! So that you have the option of returning the hair if you don’t like the quality. Although its much better to do shop in person.

3. Make sure your hair is moisturized properly before installing braids.

This is a very important step. Your hair apart from being healthy also needs to be properly detangled and moisturized before installing braids so that the rate of shedding is little. Remember this is a protective hairstyle.
Remember these tips before you make that decision!

Rock your braids like a boss!


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