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Hey everyone,

I hope you all are having a great day. Where are all my ladies at? We all know how weddings are a once in a life time memorable experience and we always want to make sure everything is on fleek starting from our wedding dress, brides maid dresses to our bouquet. Some people don’t consider the wedding bouquet as something very important because they have the idea that its only that day they get to carry it which is not suppose to be so because your wedding is a very special event and everything should be beautiful including your bouquet.

I’ll be discussing tips to choosing your bridal bouquet because many brides to be are very confused from the color, size and type of flowers and how to hold the bouquet.

  • The first thing you should always know is that you should never buy your dress before purchasing your bouquet because the color, pattern and design of your dress has to be considered before buying it.Imagine buying your bouquet before your dress and you your designer ends up designing a dress totally different from the bouquet.That would be very sad and not beautiful.
red bouquet

red bouquet

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  • Buy a bouquet that you’ll be comfortable holding all through that special day because you don’t want to look like you are carrying something very heavy, it should be very easy to carry and beautiful. When shopping for the bouquet, walk around the floral shop carrying it to see if it really works for you.

yellow bouquet

  • After getting a very comfortable bouquet, consider the shape and size because some brides carry very dramatic and big bouquet because their wedding dress would be simple and some want all the details to be on the dress and the bouquet.Whatever the case is, shape and size should be considered.

white and green bouquet

  • Many brides have different ideas on the type of flowers that would make up their bouquet, when doing this, be sure to find out if the type of flowers you want would be available that season you’re getting married.This is because different flowers have their own seasons of being available.
bride 1

white and purple bouquet

  • One tip i consider the most important is the price of the bouquet.You don’t want to go way out of your budget and spend a lot of money on your bouquet.I know you want to look very beautiful that day but is spending a large sum of money on the bouquet really important? check floral shops for very affordable but very beautiful bouquet.

white and pink bouquet

I hope this tips has been very useful to you because having the best bridal bouquet is very important, I hope you  look amazing on that very special day.

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Have a great day.xoxo Thonia

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