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Hey Lovelies

I’ve always been a wig person, and this week I decided my natural hair needed a breather so I fell safely back on my most trusted wig (shhhh don’t tell anybody I have it on). I’ve been using this particular hair for quite a while (the human hair kind) and it hasn’t thin out, the only difference is the loss of color (it used to be a 1b now its a color 2b or so) but still once its nurtured and primed it looks absolutely gorgeous (like right now) and a lot of people would go Oh I love your hair, Your hair looks good, What kind of hair is this? Its beautiful…. The reason why they love my hair is because I take proper care in maintaining it and that’s the reason why after this while it still looks good (best thing I splurged on).


Hello World

If you want your wigs to last long and still look good then this is how you maintain them; steps to washing your hair the right way:

1. It is usually advised to wash your wig after the  6-8 wearing during which you can simply air dry it.

2. Before you wash your wig, you must gently brush it through with a wig comb or a big tooth comb, this should help de-tangle your wig.

3. When shampooing your wig follow this steps:

  • Add one table spoon of wig shampoo or any other good shampoo into a basin of cold water.
  • immerse the wig for about a minute.
  • Gently run your fingers over the inside of the cap to remove oils and sweats (be gently with this)
  • Rinse the shapoo off in a basin or running cold water.
  • Blot the wig gently with a towel (do not squeeze).

4. Just like you condition your hair, your wig needs conditioning as well:

  • The wig should still be wet when you want to condition.
  • Apply a small amount of conditioner and rub together on your palms before applying gently on the hair strands avoiding the cap.
  • Thoroughly rinse the conditioner out of the hair with cold water after a few minutes.
  • Note that you can also use conditioning spray on your wig; do this lightly.

5.  Now even drying comes with specifics which must be followed:

  • When drying its best to air dry leaving the wig on a wig stand so that air would circulate . you can also place it on a slender object if you do not own a wig stand.
  • Do not comb the wig while its wet.
  • Do not dry on a Styrofoam head.
  • Do not dry it in direct sunlight.

I believe you’ve learnt a thing or two that can enable you take proper care of your wig.

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