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Hey Lovelies

This topic drives close to home, there are several reasons why you may not love your arms , here’s an example; My sister has a beautiful arm but she has always been very conscious about them because of her stretch marks, now her stretchmarks are not those giant red one’s they are not really noticeable and yet she’s still conscious. Just like my sister, there are many women out there who don’t love their arms for reasons best known to them, this situation gets a bit dicey  this time of the year because the sun is out and there’s is a lot of heat.

The best ways to reduce your discomfort this season is by sporting light sleeveless clothing’s or pieces made from light fabric. This means one way or the other you would have to bring off those sleeveless tops. How do you then wear it when you don’t love your arms? Very simple, fall in love with your entire body and every flaw or follow this tips.

This tips are for women who don’t love their arms check them out;

A Sleeveless V-Neck Shirt Is Okay

This is a trick, the reason is wearing a shirt with a lower neckline highlights the collarbone area which automatically draws away attention from your arms and you get to cover a bit of skin as well.



Hello World

Join The Off-Shoulder Trend

Its no longer news that this retro trend has come back with a bang, they are everywhere now and its for a good reason. One thing about this piece is its ability to hide arm insecurities as the style reveals your slim collarbone while covering the softer areas of your arm.



Your Armholes Should Be High Enough

When it comes to this tip, its important to strike the right balance between the cut that’s too high (unflattering) and the one that’s too low (revealing). This means you have to go for a top that is in-between this features, enough to cover your bra and enough to leave out a bit of skin covering the right areas.



Lightweight Layers

If you are not really a sleeveless person but the heat is giving you cause for concern then the kimono jacket is your best bet, its long, its lightweight, it doesn’t store up heat and it helps you feel secure. #perfection


Ensure Your Tops Are Loose

Too-tight tops are uncomfortable and they reveal a much and sadly distasteful sausage-effect. Rather than wearing a tight top, a looser sleeveless top would balance the proportions and give off a breezier and chic finish.



Dress In Full-Sleeves With Cut-Offs

You don’t need to avoid full sleeves all together, you can rock the one’s with light weight fabrics, the loose one’s or the one’s with cut-offs and cutouts such as panels, perforated etc. This would allow for a nice an breezy feeling.



Note: Dolman sleeves and caftans also offer style and coverage, and they are perfect for this season.

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