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Pear contains a lot of fiber, they also contain vitamins like vitamin c, asides from this they contain magnesium and iron that is generally good for the body, now am sure we know how good pear is for our body and it does help that it taste really good but that’s not enough reason to eat pear before you drink wine, so am sure you must be wondering why you should eat pear or drink the juice before you drink wine or take any alcoholic product?



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Excessive alcohol can be a pain especially when you wake up with a hangover the next morning. Hangovers are not pretty, its even worse when you have to work or you have some important errand to run the next day. With this in mind you should understand how difficult going through the day with an hangover can feel like.

Well a study recently showed that pear might just be able to prevent a really bad hangover. The people who participated in this study each drank 7.4 fluid ounces of pair juice that is less than half a cup before taking in any alcoholic substance and about all of them reported a significant decrease in hangover symptoms the next day. And the symptoms that recorded the most improvement was trouble concentrating. Can I hear an Amen!!!

Now remember the key to this solution is to consume the pear or pear juice before taking taking that first can of origin or that first sip from your wine glass.

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