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So many persons suffer from peeling nails. This is a condition that causes the different layers of the fingernails to flake or peel off. Peeling nails cannot be remedied overnight because the lost cells need time to re-grow.  It’s best to try to identify the exact cause, and then remedy the situation.

Peeling nails

Peeling nails

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These six top tips to help out in your peeling nails;

1.Re-hydration: Peeling nails can be dealt with by using jojoba oil and vitamin E daily. The small molecules of jojoba oil can easily penetrate your nail’s surface plate, taking vitamin E molecules inside with them.

2. Eating a nutritious diet:  You should always have a protein-rich diet for rigid, stronger nails twice weekly. This is also important for the health of all parts of your body.

3. Apply Lactic acid or Alpha-hydroxy acid: Bedtime is a good time to apply these moisturizers as they are useful to the fingernails. You may opt to wear cotton gloves after treatments, to keep all the moisturizers in contact with the nails.

4. Take multivitamins: It’s possible you don’t get all the vitamins your body needs in your daily diet, so take a multivitamin each day as it would help strengthen or restore your peeling nails.

5. Wear rubber gloves: It’s preferable to wear rubber gloves when cleaning around the house or even washing dishes. This can help to avoid contact with harmful chemicals and excessive immersion of fingernails in water.

6. Trim your nails: Keeping your nails trimmed a bit closer to the end of the finger can give them a better chance to grow stronger, without peeling. You may have to sacrifice long, natural nails for a time, until yours become more healthy.

All of these tips would surely help out in your peeling fingernails condition.

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