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Hey Engaged Divas,

We all dreamt about that type and kind of wedding we want as kids, never considering the cost of this big day. But as we are getting older and becoming adults, it dawns on us just how expensive and costly weddings can be. Even Though  we still want that dream wedding, we need to consider the cost and just how our pockets will be after the wedding and not even considering going into debts because that isn’t a good way to start a marriage. So how can we get that dream wedding and still save cost, I decided to share these suggestions I came across with my engaged divas and pals on how to save money on your wedding;


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  • Opt for a Lab-grown diamond for your rings: Considering going for the mined diamond which is more costlier, opt for the lab-grown ones they are  indistinguishable from the mined ones.


  • Have a one-day Bachelorette party: Sure you’d love to have a weekend bachelorette party but feeding and hotel costs can greatly affect your budget. Go for a one-day Bachelorette party without breaking the bank.
  • Pick a House not Hotel for your Bachelorette party: Instead of a time-sensitive and costly hotel, why not go for a house where everybody is free to come and go as they please in a more intimate and cozy environment.


  • Buy wedding favors in bulk: You want to gift things out to your guests, buy in bulk or wholesale so as to find low prices at large quantities.
  • Save on shoes: I know how we love shoes but it is one way we can save by going for brands that are friendly with pockets but still stylish or even look for discounted shops to purchase from.
  • Don’t buy a dress that has to be changed: Go for a dress that work for both the church and the reception to help cut cost on additional dress for the reception.
  • Allow mismatched Bridesmaid’s dresses: Allow your maids to chose on clothes that works with their body, shape and budget as it is unfair to make them pay for a gown they are wearing once.


Are there other ways of saving cost for wedding?What are those other ways? Share with us in the comment box.

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