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We are always on the phone, most of us anyways and many times we might be texting our family members, or marathon texting our friend who just broke up with her boyfriend etc There are most certainly so many situations that can lead to us marathon texting in which case we are simply straining our neck by looking down at our phones constantly.

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Hello World

A stiff neck does not only occur because we are constantly looking down at our phones, maybe we didn’t sleep in the right angle and ended up waking up with one or for people like me constantly staring at their PC’s 24/7. This 20 seconds trick would provide glorious relief.

What you need to do: Sit up straight then gently rotate your neck ten (10) times to the left and then repeat the same at the right angle. Make sure to d0 this calmly so you don’t sprain anything, also rotate as much as you are comfortable with throughout the day.

This is why it would work: Stiffness of the neck is caused by lack of movement literally, when you have your head in a single position for a long period your neck would feel stiff and the only way to get rid of the stiffness is by allowing movement and that’s why this relaxed rotation would gently relieve your neck and loosen it up.

You can do this anywhere, if people look at you funny, its not your problem as far as your neck feels better.

This is how to cure a stiff neck in 20 seconds. Are there other ways you get rid of stiffness? Share with us in the comment section below.

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