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Even after the rain, the sun managed to crawl its way out and now the weather is back to being so damn hot and this makes Lola Oj’s 5 foundation tips for hot climate a must see;


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Here are some of the tips Lola talks about in her video;

  • Using a beauty blender for application would help smoothing the product and you would’t have to use to much because it soaks in the excess. Also, applying foundation with your fingers leaves a cakey and uneven finish rather than a smooth finish.
  • You do not need full body foundation coverage for daily use, instead use a light weight foundation like gel or water based for a lighter feeling all day.
  • Seal your foundation in with a loose powder, do not apply any other thing over your foundation like cream or liquid products.
  • Use a mattyfying yet hydrating face primer to smoothen and even out your pores. Using this creates better coverage for foundation application.
  • Use products that have high SPF (Sun Protection Factor),this products provide higher coverage.

Watch YouTube vlogger Lola Oj talk about her foundation routine tips for the Hot weather;

I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two from watching Lola Oj’s 5 tips to apply foundation in an hot climate. Also remember to drink lots of skin and moisturize your skin before you sleep.

What do you think, do you have your own hot climate foundation routine? How helpful are this tips on a scale of 1-10? Share your thoughts and leave your answers in the comment box below.

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