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Hey Lovelies

I love my hair but am among the laziest people when it comes to making my hair and that’s why I love a braidout. Its the simplest look, although it last 2-3 days max, its a relaxed type of hairstyle. The braidout hairstyle requires a lot of hair pampering and nourishment which makes it a more attractive style, because your hair is being pampered at the same time you are carrying a simple but chick look.

This hairstyle is for natural and relaxed hair and here’s what you need to do before you proceed;

  • It is very important that you wash your hair using leave in conditioner to soften and moisturize. Any product with share butter would be a good choice.
  • After using the conditioner what you would need would be essential oils, this oils would help to lock in the leave in-conditioner.
  • Next you need to comb through your hair gently.

Tips you should consider when doing a braidout hairstyle;

  • You might want to co-wash but the braidout hairstyle has more definition when done on damp and moisturized hair.
  • Ensure your hair is completely dry if not the frizz would be disastrous .
  • Once your hair is completely try all you need to do is let it out and finish with a lightly mist spray.


Hello World

Here are two videos that show just how the braidout can be, YouTube Channel CurlAppeal provides a view for the relaxed hair.

The braidout is a fun hairstyle, what do you think? Share with us in the comment section below.

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