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In Nigeria, weddings usually come in colour codes, one for the groom and the other for the bride. In most cases, there is aso ebi for people to get and style as appropriate for them. Whatever style you desire to sew and wear showcase your personal taste. Guests no longer follow any tradition or rules when it comes to looking good  esspecially at weddings as rules are meant to be broken or bent. But what happens when your personal taste and flair conflict with etiquette and making someone’s special day less special for them? Here are five wedding outfit sins to never wear on the big day.

  • Avoid wearing white at all cost: If you aren’t one of the guests at Solanges Knowles white-themed wedding, avoid wearing white so as not to compete with the bride with the same colour shade. Opt for the pastel or blush territory.


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  • Leave out sultry or too revealing outfits: There is absolutely nothing wrong with flaunting your shape but a wedding is not a place of unabashedly sexy looks. Try sitting out your dress to check just how your underwear’s stay under.


  • Never do jewelries that jingles: It’s a quiet church but with loud bangles as you walk in, that’s a big NO. Sequined looks are not too appropriate for daytime weddings, stick with statement making earrings or necklace or even shoes.


  • Never play dress up with a pair of brand-new stilettoes: Weddings are a chance to play dress up but with a brand new stilettoes, that’s a big NO!!!. You will probably be walking from table to table chatting up or even dance with the couple. If you haven’t broken those shoes yet, then those killer shoes might kill your feet.


  • Denim is no-go area: Denim have been known to stay under the casuals, so why rock it to a classic wedding? You are better off in a dress with romantic prints.


So what do you plan on wearing to your next wedding? Share with us in the comment box 

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