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The wrong pair of shoes can cause pain and discomfort which can be very annoying because a lot of money would have been spent in purchasing this heel, we bear the pain and discomfort that comes with the heels because we don’t want to feel like we’ve wasted our money. This should not be the case because heels are supposed to add beauty and give us better posture while working.


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Below are the ultimate guide to choosing the right heels. You don’t have to be in pain  or walk in a very funny way  because you are wearing heels.

  • One very important guide i always consider when shoe shopping is to make sure i go after work or at a later time when your toes are swollen.I suggest this because when your toes are swollen from wearing shoes all morning, it would enable you know the right size that is for you.Also be sure that you can move your toes in the shoes before you get it.
  • After purchasing a new pair of heels, wear it around the house, dance with it,walk with it and wear it on short outings before you wear them to far places or events.This is because when you wear it around the house,you get very comfortable in them than just wearing new pair of heels to an event.
  • Always make sure it actually fits and it doesn’t squash your feet.I know many people because a particular shoe is very beautiful but slightly tight,they buy it.Your comfort should be the first priority when shoe shopping.
  • Before purchasing any type of heels, be sure it goes along with the type of clothes in your wardrobe.Buying heels that doesn’t complement your clothes in your collection would just be you wasting money.
  • Also, for people that want comfort I advise you get heels with straps and buckles, straps avoid that friction that might cause pain and blisters.
  • Price is also very important.You don’t want to be spending too much on a pair of heels you wouldn’t wear more than once. Spend wisely!

I hope I have showed you important tips to consider when buying heels.

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Have a great day.xoxo Thonia

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