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Hi Pretty Ladies!

It is actually fun to slay in those lovely trench coats, especially when you know you look perfectly smart like a military personality. This military style coat belted with deep pockets not only makes you super smart, but shields you from cold, especially now that the rains are coming. Soonest, the rains would come in full force and you’d feel the need for these trench coats more.

There is a saying that you should always save for the rainy day. This saying is very useful here; literally prepare for the rainy day by getting yourself these nice trench coats.These are the trench coats every plus-size fashionista needs ;

When you want to truly define your being a smart plus-size fashionista, just slay in this green trench coat paired with a high waist skirt and top.

Trench coat4 plus-size-spring-green-trench-coat-outfit-idea-curvy-fashion-blog


Hello World

This lovely black trench coat paired with nice pencil jeans is another lovely way to be that plus-size fashionista.

Trench coat1


Also deck up in this Kenza trench coat, camisole and pencil skirt.

Trench coat3 Curvy wearing the Kenza Trench Coat by IGIGI. “


Another way to be that smart fashionista is to rock this trench coat with a short gown.



This fully covered trench coat with swaddling pants would keep you warm and confident all day.

Trench Coat2


Pairing your trench coat with African print pants and nice shirts would bring out that youthfulness in you.

Trnch coat6 plus-size-trench-coat-outfit-ideas-canada0


Be that smart fashionista you had always wanted to be by going for your lovely trench coats as soon as possible. Plan for the rainy day….winks

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