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It is very hard to cope with difficult in-laws that you are not in good terms with and the fact is you cannot remove them from your life because they are part of your family. You need a whole lot of tolerance, patience and understanding to live with difficult in-laws especially when you can’t live together in peace. Trying to create a healthy relationship with difficult in-laws is not easy.


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What matters in family relationships is how you react and communicate with them, you need to be gentle, kind and understanding no matter how rude or obnoxious they might be, but there should also be a limit to it. You can make a short visit to your in-laws but make sure you are always polite anytime you are with them, It is not a bad idea to text or call but you must be cordial about it and you can reduce the calls if you feel it is provoking them. You may think it is not a good idea to give gift to people that gives you problem but you have to do it when necessary and also for peace sake but while doing it retain that distant.

They tend to visit unannounced but you have to make them understand your stand on unannounced visit, although, you will get resentments but if your significant order is with you who cares??? but you need to communicate everything with your partner. Though, you should not expect a quick approval from your partner because they are his family but he should know the issues you are having with his family and employ means to resolve or minimize it but in a situation where all your effort seems fruitless, boost your resilience.

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Pls hide my identity. My hubby nd I av bin married for one nd a half year now wt a kid. We have bin facing financial challenges since all this while nd I never bother him. He has no work doing presently but am also trying to let things work. Recently he told me he want a divorce that the marriage is not working. I love him so much nd I persuaded him that tins will change for better. But he insisted 5 times he want a divorce. I asked if he still love me but he said he cant answer dat. I am broken emotionally. I dnt know wat to do. Pls I want to kip my home but he is no more ready to kip any home wt me. Pls I nid ur advice. I love him so much but it seems he no longer love me.

 Dear Worried,
Men always feel frustrated and helpless when they are not able to take care of their family the way they want to, they can do or say anything without thinking of the consequences and most times they can act differently that will implant doubts and you would wonder if they were the same person you knew. But you should also know that marriages go through huddles that will some day turn to a thing of the past as time flies so you do not have to take his words to heart because it might be out of frustration.
Make him understand that you are not ashamed of him and he is still your husband with or without a job. He might still be acting strange but keep silent and let him disclose if he still loves you or not. If he does not love you anymore, then you can divorce but if not stay with your husband.
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