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Hey Lovelies

What a week it would be, are you ready? Well not so fast, you have to know what you would wear to work this week and I present to you six awesome looks you can get inspiration from. If you are like me then your weekend was probably fuzzy and stressful so you would want something that is simply chic and cool plus you would need fabrics and colors that would keep you bright and relaxed because the weather is really hot right now. Here are my favorite picks I hope they sort you out like they’ve done me;

I love lolita’s look, and this particular grey on red ensemble is just right for a Monday after a really stressful weekend plus grey has a way of cooling things down.



Hello World

Follow Up on Tuesday with a look just like Agatha’s, simple and nude, its calming and fuss free.



I believe you should be feeling upity on Wednesday so I would suggest an attire just like cynthia’s really playful and stylish.

Cynthia (2)


And if you are not feeling too upity and still want to remain in the cool zone then a black and white piece like grace’s is just perfect.



There’s no way Thursday would be a spirit downer, so a mix like Folake’s should keep you happy and on your feet.

yellow midi skirt


I guess you are wondering why I suggest you put on a power suit on a Friday instead of a Monday, well this kimberly goldson navy suit paired with an american apparel sheer button blouse, a carbon showroom black clutch, Christian Louboutin so Kate pumps and Zara pussy bow life that Claire Sulmers is rocking is a good look for the end of the week (finishing the week in style). You can always ditch the suit later when you hit the bar with your padi’s.



I love each work piece.

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If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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