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Hey Divas,

Meeting Bae’s mum is a really defining moment in a relationship and it is known that first impression last longer. As ladies while trying to look your best when meeting ‘his’ mom, there are few basic guidelines on which to wear or not to wear.

When meeting Bae’s mom, appearance does matter and part of what makes up our appearance is the hair. Your hairstyle is like the icing on top of the cake- it makes you appear lovelier; so your hairstyle has to be right.

It is advisable to wear classy and not trendy hairstyles as some hairstyles no matter how trendy they are, won’t be right for the occasion. Do not let your hair be too bulky so that the “mama” will not say ‘she looks like a mad woman’ because she doesn’t understand the style, you know what I mean?

Simple hairstyles are nice for the occasion; it makes you look cute, respectable and attractive to her at the same time. These styles will keep her at your side at all time.

Scroll down to see our collection of the hairstyles to wear when meeting bae’s mom….


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Natural hairhair-madivas-2016-3

Ghana weavinghair-madivas-2016-4


Pixie cuthair-madivas-2016-6


Remember, Bae mums are not the devil people think they are. They just want what’s best for their son, so make yourself look the best for him. With any of these hairstyles with a cheerful face, you are already half way into her heart.

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