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The application of blush has been known for its notoriety over the years especially in the 80’s where a lot of women miss used the product. One thing we need to know is that the blush is a beauty product that is meant for daily application because it warms up your face, creates an illusion of a cheek bone and adds life to the face by making you look younger so you need to get over your fears of its usage and find the perfect shade that would flatter your skin.

Blush Application

Blush Application

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Dark Skin Tone

A dark skin lady can go with the same shades and hues like an olive skinned lady, this means colors like purple, plum, red, reddish brown, deep apricot would work well for a lighter look. Deep raisins are bold which is what a dark sinned lady should go for, also deep terra-cotta  looks really fabulous because the dark skin lady should go for deeper shades instead of lighter shades which would end up looking ashy. Also try the dark tangerine for true flush which would  look neutral. Note to stay away from hues that are too muddy or hues that are white and silver-casted.


Mac Blush shades for Dusky skin


Medium/Tan Skin Tone 

Since medium/tanned skin tones are warm they need to be enhanced so it is advised that ladies should seek a blush that would help their undertone stand out.  The apricot shade has a tinge of orange and its subtle on the skin but still helps you look bold. Also mauve gives off an edgier feel because it gives depth to the skin, you can also try the soft berry shade that’s if you want a look that both soft and edgy at the same time. Make sure to steer clear of blush beauty products that contain sheer finish and steer clear of baby pink hues.


Shades of Blush


Fair/Olive Skin Tone

Fair skin ladies usually have a soft pink undertone so its only right for them to use a soft pink blush. The Pale pink blush is the most commonly used blush shade for fair skin tones, it looks very natural and gives off a subtle feel, the peach shades which is the universal blush shade for all skin tones gives off a really fantastic appeal, sheer plum (for more drama), light pink for a chill appearance, while baby pink adds flush to the cheeks. Fair skin ladies should stay away from violet toned blush as it’s not flattering for their skin tone. Delicate shades are much preferred because other shades can make you come off as a bit orangy.


Blush shades for different tones


For Olive skin tone look for that color that would compliment your skin tone, really good colors for olive skin tones are orange peachy, plums, purple reddish brown and rose, bronze. Stay away from shades that have a white cast or the ones that are too cool. Illuminate with golden shimmer instead of silver shimmers.

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Do you think blush is a necessary beauty product? do you think it should be applied daily? Yes or No. Leave all comments in the comment box below.

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