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If you added more weight this season then I honestly cannot blame you when you had Jollof rice and more delicious delicacy thrown around you, they were simply irresistible but now that the season is over you have to repent from your holiday sin and you can do this through juice cleansing which promise to get you back to shape in time for valentine day.


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Like every other thing else cleansing has its pros and cons, so before you go on a cleansing journey take a look at what you would be getting yourself into and if this suits you then…

Lets start off with the Pros

  • Cleansing is most definitely one of the fastest ways to loose weight because its mostly water weight so if you want to loose weight quickly for a special day/occasion then this is your best option.
  • After you past through the initial rough start you will begin to feel like you will have a massive sense of accomplishment by day 5 of the cleanse you will be riding high meaning you will feel more confident.
  • Cleansing would help you turn a new leaf because you would become much aware of your body and you will begin to make more smarter choices when it comes to what you take in.

And now we come to the cons

  • Before your body adjust you would be very cranky and moody and you might explode at any slight matter so its best to warn those around you.
  • Cleansing is very expensive and this means you will loose a lot of money because you have to buy a lot of produce and a high powered lender or if not you get a packaged juice cleans which cost a lot of money.
  • Once you start reintroducing salt and carbonhydrate into your meals you would end up gaining back some of the weight you have lost because the weight you lost during the cleansing was fluids and not fat and this fluid can be replenished from your meals.


The immediate effect of cleansing is quite catchy but not entirely sustainable because you might go back to your normal diet of salt and carbohydrate whether processed or non processed. But know this, if you feel good about cleansing then by all means you do you.

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