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There are quite a number of books that are out there that tell you how to be productive and how to grow. I know I’ve read quiet a few of them and while some work for a minute many don’t even seem to make a lasting impression enough for me to remember to try them. Just like me there are probably a large number of people out there that have heard advice’s on how to boost their productivity level at home and at their place of work.


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Many of such productivity tips include making a to-do list daily or weekly, exercising more to get rid of stress etc. And of course many have tried and have failed, this is because not everything works for everybody. As much as you try, you discover that many of this tips don’t work for you. Like they say “what is good for the goose is no necessarily good for the gander”.

Since we are structured differently, its only natural that what worked for your friend Patrice may not necessarily increase your own productivity level. Now some experts have said that even though trying all this tips work differently, you shouldn’t give up because the one thing that would work in favor of ‘everyone’ is experimenting and trying new habits.

One thing about experimenting new habits is that they help you to think deeply about how you can accomplish more goals. The right experimental habit would be to find something that would make you contemplative. The productivity expert says “The most productive people take their daily routines and habits and they try to charge them with aspects that would encourage them to think about things more deeply. And then rotate through various routines ( for example ‘This week I’ll try exercising , and next week I’ll try meditating, and the week after that I’ll write down my stretch goal every morning…’) until they find something that works. And then they stick to it.”

This explains that the one tip and trick that works to increase productivity is actually experimenting. So get working, trial and error would only make you better.

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