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As a dark skinned girl its very hard to get the perfect “Nude” anything, literally, whether its clothes or underwear its like we can’t actually find the right one for our skin tone. Its a struggle for a lot of dark skinned women to find the perfect makeup that would suit their skin tone, talk less of the nude type makeup lipstick.

Lipstick is the one thing that is usually worn according to your mood which anybody can read right away, as much as we love a good red lipstick and we love to enhance the thickness of our lips with something wine or burgundy there are days when we just want to do nude and unfortunately many black women end up with the wrong shade or they apply it the wrong way.


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The Nude craze generally started out and was mainly for the white folks but gradually a lot of companies got into making for the dark skinned woman, as of a few years back it was harder to get multiple shade’s of nude for brown or dark skinned women, in 2016 its a bit different because there are quite a lot of darker shades popping up everyday and this is of cause good news.

However people still don’t know the type of shades that goes with their skin tones and how to apply the lipstick or lip gloss evenly. I say this because a lot of times I see ladies on instagram who claim they are wearing “Nude Lipstick” and they look absolutely ridiculous like someone sprayed a liquid version of brown paint on their face ( in my mind I imagine saying “Girl..lll that ain’t for you”).

Anyways lets watch this video from YouTube Vloger Jackie Aina; She talks about nude lips for colored women, trust me guys you’ll learn a lot.

Source: YouTube Channel Jackie Aina

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