The Perfect Brow : Beauty Tips

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Hi ladies, hope no one got pranked so far…Moving on, still in the feel of a new month, its time to perfect those brows of yours. There is so much details that go into a girls make up and right now almost everyone has turned Make up Artist (MUA) but still are you drawing it right? Do you have a perfect brow?

Drawing the brows right is one of the most important make up do’s, it has a way it gives a lady a dashing sight, draws attention to your eyes and sometimes that’s pretty much all you need. So here a some tips on how to go about it, especially if you are one who has sparse or scanty brows, you can learn to fill them in.

And if you have a thick or fuller one, preferably get a stylist to trim some with that said, next choose an eyeliner or brow pencil a color close to your hair color. Mark the inside edge of your brow. Mark the outside edge of your brow. Mark your arch. Create an outline. Fill in the brow.

Clean or conceal up the errors with the use of your concealer and brush, and further blend to adjust to your foundation application. And there you have it, all done, you can then proceed to the lip, select a dashing color of lipstick to further bring out the pop and glam in your make up. Stay Fab and pretty ladies!. Don’t be caught with a bad brow!




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