The oleku/Iro and Buba Fashion Trend

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Whether or not you like it, tying of wrapper is more of an African thing. We seem to have found a way to stylishly still tie wrappers almost anywhere and almost any event. Lol…I would have said everywhere but we still haven’t been able to creep it into clubs or the poolside.

Tying of wrapper can either be over a blouse, buba; it’s evolved over time from the times of our parents to new knot styles of today. Here are some ways to wrap it up in your native wear. Just to be clear, can be styled through chiffon, judge, Aso ebi, Ankara. It’s evolved over time.

We have the front double-wrap, to tie this, simply bring the two end of your wrapper to the front and interlock it twice. This will form the high-low effect leaving a little space or an overlapping effect in front, depending on how really tight you tie it.When tying wrappers, always rock them with fab heels or a pretty high wedge. And you sure as fine good to go.

African fashion week Nigeria shows us a little more on this trend and have even put out a competition which seems like fun. So ladies getting set for a wedding, why not tie that wrapper, now it’s twice the fun, as you look stylish and could win beautiful pieces while wearing this trend from AFWN. Just an observation.


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