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Ma Divas!

I’m quite convinced that virtually every lady will agree with me that we ladies run the world. Of course, Queen Bey made that known to the whole world. Besides, being a lady and at the same time a boss can be very interesting. There is absolutely nothing we love more than seeing boss ladies whose workplace style is even more polished than their curriculum vitae. Therefore, if you think that means a mundane office uniform, well you just have to think again!

Powerhouse women are commanding in the boardroom and looking great while doing it today. From incorporating various colours to ushering in a new era of both English and Ankara outfits, there are a whole lot of new rules of power dressing that you can start following today. These power dressing calls to mind, the fact that these ladies are truly in charge; but how can you inculcate this power dressing into your style if you don’t know the various power dressing rules? Here are the new rules of power dressing for plus-size beauties;

Rule 1: Opt for a matching top and pants. Finish up with purse and ankle straps.


Top and pants

Hello World

Rule 2: Embrace your Ankara maxi skirt. Style with a sleeveless top and matching heels.


Maxi skirt

Rue 3: Wear a matching strapless top and front slit skirt.


Peplum top

Rule 4: Slay in an Ankara short gown, finishing up with purse and t-straps.


Hi-lo dress


Off shoulder dress

Rule 7: Rock a chiffon top on an Ankara cape skirt.

Cape skirt

Cape skirt

With these power dressing rules, you are covered!

If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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