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Many times we buy nail polish off the shelf without checking to see what type we have chosen and sometimes we are disappointed because they don’t dry out on time or are not as smooth as we expect them to be, some products even get chipped almost immediately. Well know this, all nail polish have special formulas that make them distinct and so we have to pay close attention to the labels.

There is so much hype about the nail gel products, brands have gone as far as adding gel to the names of their products to differentiate the new products from the traditional ones, now we have products ranging from gel polish hybrid (the new invention), gel effect, soak off gel, gel polish, UV gel etc. The CND Shellac product launched this frenzy, the Questions in our minds still remain What are gels? What do they do? How effective are they? whats the difference between a gel product and the traditional nail polish?

UV-LED Gel Nail Polish

UV-LED Gel Nail Polish

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The CND Shellac Hybrid Nail Polish is a revolutionary breakthrough product that aids the easy application of nail polish. The shellac nail polish promises a 14 day permanent and shiny nail without causing any damage to your nails. There is absolutely no drying time because it drys instantly, this nail polish is the perfect option for people that don’t like to wait around for their nails to dry out. Hybrid gel not only drys instantly with natural light, it is also easy to remove.


This nail products works on top the normal nail polish, they dry easily and don’t require UV exposure or Led lamps. They can be referred to as an off-shoot of gel hybrid polish because they dry out very fast.


This products do not contain any gel in them but they promise gel-like wear and shine. This formula has a thick self leveling formula and they promise the glossy shinny look that normal gel nail polish have. an example is the Dior gel shine, Avon gel finish etc


Soak-off gel were created as an alternative to the hard colored gel that require a long removal process and buffing. This products come in small pots and they are applied with special brushes with a uv light to dry it out. This type of nail polish is mainly used by professionals.

Gel Effect PolishTop Coat

Gel Effect PolishTop Coat

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Now that  we know what types of nail gel we have and their uses, what do you think about them? does it make a difference? which one have you tried? leave all comments in the comment box below.

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