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Hello Lovers,

Hope you had a fabulous week and your weekend is coming good? Here is a new headgear trend we have noticed and trust us to bring it your way, the concept about this headgear is that the design comes to the side, instead of the usual top design we are used. It is very beautiful and innovative. Toju Foyeh is known with this new headgear she has rocked it to different occasions,many other people are joining in on this trend, here are some pictures of this amazing new headgear.

1. Toju Foyeh is rocking this style using a red and silver gele on a red aso ebi outfit. This headgear is tied to the left here.

Red head-gear

Hello World

2. Toju Foyeh is here again rocking this new head-gear trend, here she is rocking it from the black color angle, and the head-gear is tied to the right, she uses this head-gear to accessorize her purple and black aso ebi outfit.

black head-gear

3. This head-gear is louder and taller, Toju Foyeh is rocking this head-gear in a different style and concept, the head gear is standing upright unlike the usual side way it is tied.

Gold head-gear

4. Here is another style of the unusual and new head-gear, this is a red and white fabric gele, it was tied to the side here again and it has a cap like on a round surface kind of look, I must say this is an amazing head-gear concept.

Red head-gear

5. Toju Foyeh is rocking a white petal material head-gear, she uses it to complete her white high waist trouser and fish net top look, here the head-gear is tied to the front and its petals drop and have a very beautiful look.

White head-gear

This new head-gear is the new rave of fashion and trend, it comes in different various concepts and styles.

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