The Nail corner: Do It Yourself Nail Art

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Sometimes, what it takes to look good are the little things we probably over look.

As little as having a beautiful nail paint or art can be the little spice to our dressing. So here in the nail corner, it’s do it yourself and we have selected one easy to practice at home.

Use a base coat to create a smooth, even surface for your nail polish.

First, have your nail kit ready, nail polish, neutral, base colors and some other colored ones to play with.

Apply a Base; to give your look a solid foundation, start with a strong base coat.nail1

Hello World

Apply your lightest color on first. Apply on two coats to really make it stand out.nail2

Using a single stroke of the brush from your polish bottle, draw a rectangular shape in the top right corner of each nail until all ten fingers are done.


Beginning at the tips on the side that doesn’t have already have a rectangle, use a dark purple polish to draw a similar shape that stops about halfway down the original.


Now using a black nail art brush, gently draw a border line around the larger rectangle, you might make mistakes first time but it’s all fun and you can clean it up and try again. You’ll be sure to get it right soon.


Apply a Base finish, strong base coat. You can alternatively get nail art stick ons’ also. Now paint on.

( Images are courtesy of Teen Vogue).nailart'



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