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Hey Lovelies

Its the party season and that means every aspect of your getting ready has to be on point and that includes your Nails, so if you think you can get away with rough untamed nail or chipped off nail paint then think again. Its not a secret that every where you go to (as a Lagos big geh) every inch of your being would be scrutinized, more specifically when its an office party (remember those grape vine club that would be ready to dish out what they saw at the party included your not so attractive nail) so you have to bring your A game and that includes taking proper care of how your nails appear.

Here’s a video of a simple nail art design you can create on your own and if you can’t then ask a sister or cousin (a brother can be involved to after all you have to slay) for assistance. This Diy newspaper print nail art design is simply, easy and its a really different take on nail art designs.

What You’ll Need:

  • Top coat
  • 10 Pieces of cut out news paper
  • Base cut
  • Nail polish (Light grey and if you don’t have mix a darker shade of grey with a lighter shade like cream)
  • Tooth pic/ cotton slab
  • 70% alchohol.


Hello World

Follow this DIY nail art tutorial by Lucuriousnails for more perspective


Source: Luxuriousnails Youtube

What do you think about the nail art design, is it something you would definitely try? Lets hear your view simply leave your comments in the comment box below.

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