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Given the texture of an average African woman’s hair, the one thing that will sound appealing is to relax the hair. This will make it softer and straightened out. Relaxer provides the hair an avenue to have a softer, straighter look and it gives it a lovely texture as well.


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When considering relaxing the hair, one is then left with the decision to choose from the lye or no lye relaxer. The lye relaxers are the lovely one’s which contains Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) as the main ingredient.  Sodium Hydroxide relaxers are very effective in breaking down the hair’s bonds (straightening the hair) quickly. Because it processes quickly, it is also the most commonly used relaxers by professionals.


Lye relaxers are not as time consuming as the no lye relaxers because it requires speedy and precise application (by a professional). I started with no lye relaxers but practically could not continue because it leaves the hair very dry and not as relaxed.

Lye relaxers are “good” or “conditioning” to the hair because they rinse cleanly from the hair without leaving behind minerals to block moisture absorption.  Therefore, the results from a Lye Relaxer tend to be shinier and more moisturized, when thoroughly rinsed it reduces the risk of potential irritation during the chemical process.

All relaxers are made up of chemical component that break down the hairs natural bonds in order to straighten it but lye relaxers require a lesser amount of time to do so, thereby reducing the risk of chemical burns.

Though lye relaxers can be quite good, it also tends to be harsh on our scalp in comparison to no-lye relaxers. They tend to irritate or burn the scalp quicker than no-lye formulas. For this reason, lye relaxers may not be suitable for ladies with very sensitive scalps or scalps that burn easily.

My scalp is not that sensitive and I have a tough hair so that makes lye relaxers very effective for me. Lye relaxers are good but you have to check your scalp sensitivity and the strength of your hair before you can use them.

What are your thoughts on the lye relaxers? Share with us in the comment box.

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