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The interviewers like to throw what is known as a curve ball once you are approaching the end of an interview. You might assume you are acing the interview but you can be taken aback once the interviewer/hiring manager throws this curve ball “do you have any questions? This might be a simple enough question but its a vital query that would show off your ability to be a critical thinker.



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According to researchers there is one simply way to  master this seemly simple but critical question with the right answer, Rephrase the question you’ve been ask, this proves to your potential employer that you have been paying attention the whole time and asides from this, you would also be able to tap into other important need to know areas.

If you’ve been thrown a curve-ball by the hiring manager, this questions would show that you have listened;

1.How do you Visualize a model day in this role?

If the hiring manager had asked: Can you talk me through your typical work day?

Why You should ask: This would give you an  insight on what daily task is involved in the role you applied for. If the hiring manger reverts to the job description, this is a sign that the role is not structured.

2. Do you have any hesitations about my qualification?

If the hiring manager had asked: Why should I hire You?

Why You should ask: This is a bold move, yes but notwithstanding it shows you are not afraid to step up and ask tough questions when you need to. It also helps you find out if there is anything that would hinder you from getting the job and it gives you the opportunity to address the issue before the manager makes a decision.

3.Where do you see the organisation in the next five years?

If the hiring manager had asked: Why do you want to work for this organisation?

Why You should ask: This would help you find out the reason and how long the hiring manager has stayed in the company, If the hiring manager struggles to answer this is a red flag.

What interview questions throws you overboard? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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