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Ma Divas!

Some plus-size ladies nurse some ideas in their minds like; ”Oh….my belly is so humiliating. My legs are too fat. Men always mock me each time I pass by”. They go to the extent of hating themselves completely. Sincerely, you’ve got no reason to do so. Loving yourself is the greatest love of all here. To tell the truth, plus-size ladies need to show off what they are ashamed of. Yeah….tell the dirty blunder…winks.  Give those dark and scary corners some sunlight. It might not make the problems disappear, but I guarantee it will make them so much smaller. Plus-size beauties need to learn how to accept it even if they don’t like that part of their body. So to all plus size ladies out there, put on some Ankara and show it more respect. Sure! The excuses have truly run out; rock these plus-size short Ankara dresses;

Stylishly flaunt what you’ve got in an Ankara  pleated gown. Stiletto pumps can’t say no to any outfit. Rock it with this outfit. Your purse isn’t left out too.

mini1 gown

Mini pleated gown

Hello World

Step up with an Ankara plus-size pencil dress with a headgear, purse and sandals this time.

mini5 pencil dress or gown

Pencil dress

Play with different African prints by pairing them in a simple peplum top and pencil skirt style. Rock with matching heels.


Sleeveless top

A plus-size Ankara short dress with fitting purse and stiletto pumps like this would suit you as a plus-size diva this time.


Quarter sleeve

Up your game with a simple Ankara short skirt, camisole, blazer and stiletto pumps.


Short skirt

Express yourself in an Ankara short sleeveless gown like this. Pair with comfortable heels.


Sleeveless gown

Kudos to plus-size Ankara short dresses! The excuses have truly run out!

If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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